Meeting of project partners within the project Build and promote local image – “Cserehát Brand”


Meeting of project partners within the project Build and promote local image – “Cserehát Brand”

On May 6, 2021, a meeting of Cserehát Brand project partners took place.
Director Jövő Útja Nonprofit Kft. Ing. Julianna Orbán Máte, PhD. and CCP project managers welcomed the representatives of the University of Economics in Bratislava doc. Ing. Michal Tkáč, PhD. and doc. Ing. Radoslav Delina, PhD. and agreed on project workflows.

Microregion Szép Cserehát is a rural area where agriculture plays a dominant role. Agriculture and agricultural products represent great potential for the region concerned., while on the other hand a long array of negative factors hinders the development of the sector. The most important problems the project is responding are:

  • Low competitiveness of local producers
  • Low marketing of the local products and poor marketing activities
  • Problems in organizing sales
  • Decline in agricultural knowledge

According to these problems, specific development needs and interventions were identified. The main objective of the project is to improve sustainability, employability and stability of agricultural economics and to strengthen local agro production and competitiveness of local producers. The main objective will be reach thanks to the implementation of specific objectives, which are:

  1. Development of new regional brand together with the brand strategy
  2. Development of local agro study
  3. Creation of a data register of local producers where unique feature of regional production will be identified and creative business and sustainable model will be proposed and deployed
  4. Organization of cross-border markets/agro events and regional EXPO
  5. Creation of web application serving for better connection between producers and purchasers

Citizens and businesses will benefit from higher accessibility, trust and quality of local products as well as from higher reputation of local producers leading to higher regional economic performance. Thanks to the organization of common agro events we plan to promote the production of partners within the TAPE and we would like to make the outputs of the project more visible for a public. Based on active promotion and organization of regional EXPO, we plan to affect more SMEs and Self-employees in agro production to join the created cross border network, cross border registry and to gain benefits from regional brand.